We care for any move that starts or ends more then 1,000 kilometers from Calgary’s Downtown to be a long-distance move.

Difference between Simply the Best and another companies is terms of delivery!If distance between locations up to 500km we do the same day delivery,1000km-next day!Companies, which use highway trucks can not deliver your belongings same or next day due to multiple loadings and unloadings and if distance to go from 500 to 1000km you can wait content of your home up to one week!

Pricing for these moves is based on an hourly rate for loading  belongings into the truck and then unloading at the destination plus a charge for travel time and fuel. The charge for travel time, in these cases, is billed at $3.50 per kilometer (one way) for 2 movers or one hour at the contracted rate (whichever is greater). This charge covers the cost of getting the crew to the job, refuelling, and returning to the yard at the end of the job.

Charging for travel time in this manner allows the customer to better predict the cost of the move as he/she does not have to worry about how long the drive will take. Poor weather conditions, accidents, and detours causing delays will not affect the customer when paying by  kilometers, not by hours.