Proper packing is very important. To ensure that your belongings come out of the moving truck in just as good shape as when they went in, you want to use boxes specifically made to do the job right. All our boxes are new and solid

Thay can be delivered a few days in advance, so you have enough time to pack your stuff prior to the actual move.

We have smaller boxes to accommodate heavier items(books kitchen ware) and larger ones for light ones(clothing bedding). We have special boxes to hold wardrobe iteams.

If instead of packing yourself you chose to let us help you with packing and unpacking your valuables, be sure that our team will do the best job and you will find your favorite things exactly as you’ve left them.

We have everything you need:

Packing supplies table
Supplies Price
2cu.ft box $3.50(per pc)
3.1cu.ft box $4.50(per pc)
4cu.ft box $5.50(per pc)
wardrobe box   $20(per pc)
mattres bag $12(per pc)
tissue paper $12(per roll)
stretch wrap $25(per roll)
glass divider kit $15(32cells)
furniture pads $15(per pc)
tape $3(per roll)