Q. When can I expect the crew to arrive to my pickup address?

A. We understand that time is valuable and we put a lot of effort to be on time. However, due to traffic or weather conditions, crew can be late by as much as 1 hour on our morning jobs and up to 3 hours on afternoon ones. Any arrival delays will be communicated to you promptly. Customers can be compensated for over 1hour dalay for morning and 3 hours for afternoon jobs. For instance, if the afternoon arrival is scheduled for 1-2PM and the crew arrives at 3PM, there will be no discounts or compensations of any kind. If the crew arrives anywhere between 4 and 5PM, customers can get up to 10% off their total bill.  Simply the Best Movers are not responsible for any building or condo association charges due to exceeding time frame or elevator booking!



Q. Do you provide furniture protection from damage?

A. We wrap all  furniture with a thick  blankets and tape to exclude damages and scratches. In addition to this we use straps  to tie down  and protect your staff from shifting while on the move.

Q. What size of a truck do you have ?

A.  We own 5 ton 24 foot trucks to move from 1 to 4-5 bedroom houses!

Q. What equipment do you have for moving ?

A. Each truck is equipped with blankets, dollies, straps necessary tools and ramps.

Q. How can I arrange my move with you? What is the best time to call you ?

A. Once you have decided to move simply call us to schedule it.  It is best to book 2-4 weeks ahead especially in Summer which is our  a peak season.

Q. Do you provide packing services?

A. Yes, we can pack your staff for you. It’s important to be prepared and packed before movers arrive so if you don’t have time for this then leave this to the professionals. Please arrange this service in advance.

Q. Do you have packing materials for sale?

A. Yes. We have everything you might need for wrapping your stuff. In addition to this we provide all kind of packing services at a fair price.

Q. What kind of insurance do you have ?

A. Our coverage support for up to 2 million for loss or damage to any of your property that we move. We take full responsibility moving insurance from the starting point to your final destination. All belongings are insured during transportation.

Q. Do you own your trucks?

A. All our trucks belong to Simply the Best Movers. In case of any breakdowns, we save the right to send a rented truck.

Q. What if I need to change the date of my move ?

A. Once you understood there may be a complication with your moving date, please get in touch with Simply the Best Movers to book for a new pickup/delivery/trip date.

Q. My furniture needs to be disassembled what should I do ?

A. All our trucks are equipped with the necessary tools for disassembly and reassembly of furniture if needed.

Q. Will you move my plants?

A. We cannot take responsibility for moving your plants without harm. Lack of water and light may effect as well as feasible temperature changes in the truck. We recommend you to use your family car for this.

Q. Do you provide pets transportation ?

A. No, as this is not safe. We can’t transport your pet in the cabin for the insurance reasons. As for the box it’s inappropriate because of the lack of climate control plus the danger of the potential shifting of heavy objects.